Example Projects


We are proud to announce that the 2.5MV DC divider we designed for Hydro Quebec has passed the acceptance test! This divider is the highest level DC device in the world and it brings us to a new level of confidence!


6000kVA/3*500kV seo company Series-resonant transformer

This book hotels power frequency series-resonant transformer is consist of three 500kV Units. The rated current reaches 4A at 1500kV.

3.6MV Chopping Device

750mm Sphere Gap

CDYH4800kV/720kJ Impulse System 

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impulse generator 4800kV/720kJ

This internet marketing services Generator has 24 stages each of which 200kV. There are two 3µF main capacitors in series in each stage. One capacitor is charged with +100kV and the other charged with -100kV. In this way the stage to ground voltage is only 100kV which is half of the stage rated voltage. This feature is particularly useful when the ambient humidity is high or when it is used in heavy polluted areas.

The loan payment calculator divider is FY-3000 type damped capacitance divider. And the chopping device is JB-3000.

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