This bridge is designed for highest precision measurement for capacitance and dielectric dissipation factor of cables, capacitors, line transformers, generators, motors, bushings etc. It can also be used for power loss measurement on shunt reactors or similar apparatus. 



capacitance and dissipation factor bridge


Automatic Measures:

• Capacitance Cx

• Dissipation Factor, Power Factor

seo tips Test Voltage V (RMS, Peak)

• Current Ix

spain hotels Test Frequency f

refused credit Real Power P, Apparent Power S and Reactive Power Q



seo services Bridge balance frequency independent

seo company Not influenced by ambient humidity

student loan calculator Display capacitance, DF, test voltage and Icn

• Print measured results

• Built-in protection against electrical insulation failure and electrical field

internet marketing services Large measuring range for capacitance and DF




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